Robin began his business in 2020 after a very successful career in plumbing at various local plumbing companies. He is a young fellow with a ton of motivation, discipline, and drive. He came to me looking for a logo and brand and already had his logo hand sketched. Normally when clients bring me a hand drawn logo, it is not what ends up being their final logo, but in Robin's case, he hit the nail right on the head.


Robin is an absolute gem to work with and during our initial creative brief, he said "I want to be the superhero that comes and fixes your drains". This statement turned into creating a brand that closely resembles the "Hero/Warrior" brand archetype. He is also a huge fan of classic cars which is reflected in his brand and logo and complements his ideal client beautifully. We chose imagery, colours, and fonts that all match his style.


Robin has been crazy successful in his business. He left me a glowing review and regularly messages me to tell me how many compliments his logo gets, also mentioning that he often just sits and stares at his van decals in awe.


Robin's Plumbing


Photos in the Imagery were attained from a combination of Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash. Robin also deserves some credit for the initial hand-drawn sketch.

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Colours: Robin initially wanted a slightly different colour palette but we ended up with the deep red, blue, and cream colours to help marry the superhero with the classic car passion. Typography: The typeface used in the logo on the word ROBIN's was initially not the font Robin had envisioned however, we chose this font to closely resemble the Plymouth font of the 70s and 80s so that it matched both the classic car feel but also lended a hand to a feeling of action and nostalgia. Imagery: Images were selected carefully to represent the superhero and classic car passion. Layout/Orientation: We both agree that Robin's logo should be nostalgic and action-themed. This crest can easily translate to merch which was very important to Robin. He wanted people to feel proud to wear his logo.