I wanted to create a tribute to the late Good Downie with the possibility of selling it to raise funds for Sunnybrook Foundation which is the hospital that cared for Gord in his final year of life.


I tossed and turned a few ideas around for about six months. I arrived at creating a silhouette made of lyrics.


I hadn't realized at the time that my artwork could infringe on copyright laws so I stopped selling the decals but what I did sell contributed to a $200 donation. I was refused approval from the Tragically Hip's band manager to proceed with doing anything further with the artwork as Gord's death was still so fresh. In the future, I hope to revisit this and get proper approval.




Gord Downie's likeness credit goes to Gord Downie. Song lyrics are attributed to the Tragically Hip band.

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I downloaded a font named after one of his songs "Fully Completely" and creatively placed lyrics from his songs in the shape of his iconic silhouette from his last Canadian tour. I then turned these into decals and sold quite a few of them across Canada.