Each "fashion season", Posh & Cozy comes to me to design their cookbook. They hire professional photographers each time and send me all of the photos to place in their books.


One of the owners of P&C is a girl named Danielle who was a friend of mine since grade school. Designing for her is always fun and also pretty easy because I already know her "style" and marry that with her clientele.


P&C has enjoyed MASSIVE success with their kid's clothing line as well as their adult line. They are distributing in many many stores across Canada and I believe they had recently applied to sell in Chapters locations too!


Posh & Cozy


Various photographers.

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I have created seven or 8 of these 24-32 page cookbooks for P&C now and I also arrange the printing in their town for them. We print them onto a glossy 80lb. text so that it has a nice look and feel for their clients who are mostly distributors.