PFBC had not seen a new logo for over ten years. The church approached me looking for a complete rebrand.


Since this church has been active in our community for over fifty years, they are already a well-established church. We targeted a young female who was family minded and not a regular church goer. We wanted to hi light the Okanagan in the logo. They also wanted a logo that would look great on t-shirts as they do lots of work with kids' camps.


There were a few people who were in charge of making the decision to approve a now brand. This brand was definitely out of most of their comfort zones, but once a rationalization and explanation was provided and they realized that the brand was not as much about them, but rather their ideal client, they started to see the bigger picture. We are now working on getting them new branded way finding signage throughout the building as well as updating their reader board sign on the front lawn.


Penticton First Baptist Church


Images used in the brand guidelines were attained from Unsplash.

Project Role(s)

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Typography: I went with a more feminine font that was also bold and direct and even a bit trendy. Colours: I used bright, vibrant colours to attract a younger, hipper audience. Orientation/layout: The new logo and brand pay homage firstly to the Okanagan, and secondly to that young female ideal client. Imagery: Images chosen for the brand are youthful and vibrant. We also created a few different versions of the logo for different uses such as creating a text-only option for better readability by the older audience.