Lockworks has been around this town for over 20 years and their logo was the same age. They came to me asking for a re-brand that puts them at the top of their craft and competition.


Lockworks needs to represent trust and loyalty. Because they are working to secure peoples' homes and businesses, they need for people to believe what they say and be repeat clients who are loyal to them because of a number of different aspects of their business. My strategy was to elevate the brand to give a classy and trustworthy look and feel.


Lockworks has truly embraced their brand. The have a tv inside their shop that shows the new logo and some of the imagery provided to them from the brand guidelines booklet. They have downloaded all of their corporate fonts and use it to the best of their ability. They also decided to go with a higher-end business card that is super thick with painted edges to match the logo. This card reinforces their strength and is a card that people won't want to just toss away. Their new signage is some of the most beautiful signage on Main Street and really drives home their brand message,


Lockworks Inc.


All images in the Imagery section of the brand guidelines were attained from Pixabay and Pexels. Credit for print and installation of the exterior signage goes to Jacoh Signs.

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Typography: The typeface used is a sans serif that has a tall and formal look to it. We also used a serif font inside the key to represent a sort of royalty-like feel. Oriantation/Layout: The bars under the L represent the tumbler inside a lock. The top half is a shield to represent loyalty and strength and the bottom half is a direct copy of a physical key that the owners supplied to me. We went with the ey being taller than the type to really lend elevation to the layout. Colours: It was important to the client to keep some of the blue that was in the original logo as an homage to the past. Then we went with a brassy copper gradient to represent elevation and class.