HEK Yeah Media was a brand new company in Penticton. They wanted a fun, exciting logo and brand which showcased their history of working in the newspaper industry, their love of hockey, and their passion for social media and other forms of media. They are a hip young brand who have a wealth of experience in the media industry. Two of the three members are a married couple and they wanted to reflect that in the logo.


Our strategy began with an in-depth creative brief to determine all of the elements which make up their brand. Multiple hand-drawn logos started the design process. Almost none of them ended up as the final piece, but rather, a combination of them. I wanted to emphasize that they are hip, fun, and exciting.


This company is only 6 months old and has come a LONG way. They have been excellent at ensuring that anyone who uses their logo (for example, when they sponsor an event) is using it according to the brand guidelines, even requiring that they not change colours. They recently did all of the media and video for the recent Chamber of Commerce annual Business Excellence Awards and continue to be an interruptor in our community and in their industry.


HEK Yeah Media


All of the images used in the "Imagery" section were attained from a combination of Pixabay and Pexels.

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Colour choice: Reflects vibrant youth and colours symbiotic with the Canucks hockey team. Orientation/Layout: The stacked logo with tight kerning represents the closeness and community feel that they are passionate about. Typography: Custom-made font with "drip letter drops" is meant to show flexibility and youthfulness. The H and E are puzzle pieced together for the married couple and the "fold" on the letter K represents the newspaper industry/media. The spelling of the name is the first letters of the three partners' names. Alternate versions: The team wanted to have a few alternate versions of the logo which I normally would not condone. After some further discussions, we decided that a couple of alternate versions would be acceptable to use only in certain settings such as written press releases.