The challenge was to create a book that showcased artist Dan Hudson's work in a way that was sympathetic, engaging and helped aid in communicating the complexities of his work. It was also be used as an archival piece for both the gallery and national book archives.


The work of artist Dan Hudson is diverse and mesmerizing. Through video installation we see places, and lives shift, change, appear and disappear like cubist patchworks sewn together. These multiple timelines form lucid yet unstable landscapes and cityscapes. The book was designed to give the reader a physical experience that eluded to these shifts and changes. These moments of clarity and ambiguity. Its subtle shifts in image and type feel slightly off but surprisingly engaging.


The final result was extremely well received. It managed to accomplish the task of engaging the reader. It bridged the gap between the artists multi-dimensional pieces and video installations and image on paper. It was tactile, captivating and layers in it's contents and execution.


Esplanade Art Gallery


Esplanade Art Gallery (Joanne Marion Curator), Dan Hudson, Katherine Ylitalo, Kallen Printing

Project Role(s)

Creative Director