The challenge:
To design an book as an extension of the exhibition Retrouver featuring the work of Laura Vickerson. The piece was an opportunity to allow patrons of the show a way of taking a piece of the show home with them. A way to continue the discussion on this remarkable artist's work.


By allowing patrons to take a piece of the exhibition home with them (through the catalogue) we were able to continue the discussion of what it is to live in our industrial/late capitalist age as projected by the artist. The idea that our natural world is disappearing but that there is still beauty in the fragility. The design supported the artist's conceptual beliefs by engaging labor intensive initiatives. Through this 'volunteer employment' of persons to contribute to its construction, it invited people - who may not have had exposure to it - in to discuss it's idea and support it's ideologies.


This piece was extremely successful in cataloguing the exhibition in a memorable and engaging way. It provided the gallery with a piece to capture the show and the artist with a piece to promote her work.


Esplanade Art Gallery


Curator: Joanne Marion
Text: Diana Sherlock
Photography: Daniel Engel
Printing: Kallen Graphics