Agents of Good contacted me to work with them on Interval House's 40th anniversary Gratitude Report to communicate with their supporters, donors and family. The purpose of the report was to highlight the special memories that IH has made throughout their history helping women and their children.


The concept was all about memories. When we think back in time we pull out the good and bad moments from our past experiences. These moments all have a kind of glimmer to them that makes them easier to draw from as we live through the present. A warm colour palette was introduced along with hand-drawn elements and symbols to signify the caring nature of the staff and support that is available to women at Canada's first centre for abused women and children. Each page of the report showcased an IH memory with a photo, newspaper clipping, quote, and a few paragraphs.


The final printed report was mailed out to individuals who have made an impact on the well being of Interval House's women. The report was also reformatted into a digital version for online reading.


Interval House on behalf of Agents of Good


Designed in collaboration with Agents of Good (

Photography / Eli Leavitt Photography