This Oak Bay restaurant was a local favourite for many years. the Village’s new owners wanted to maintain the clientèle, but also aimed to draw in a younger crowd with a more relaxed, contemporary feel. Meade Design Group was very excited to combine its graphic and interior design services into one project.
Drawing inspiration from the restaurant’s moniker, Meade Design Group used a customized map of the area into several branded elements, including the interior. An urban, distressed texture was applied to all features in a burnt orange colour (interesting fact: orange psychologically triggers hunger). All printed goods utilized a stock with high recycled content, referencing butcher’s paper or take out bags, but also meeting an important need of the project, to be environmentally friendly and support sustainable, local services.
The success of the combination of interior and graphic design services provided by Meade Design Group in the Oak Bay location led to a reunion of the owners and team when a second Village restaurant was opened in Royal Oak. The recognizable and branded elements of the first location were implemented in new ways for the new space, with minor modifications to suit its unique needs and later hours.


The Village Restaurants

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