Cover: Detail of A History of Typography by Robert Bringhurst


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A History of Typography
by Robert Bringhurst

Robert Bringhurst OC is a Canadian poet, typographer and author, best known to graphic designers for his authoritative book The Elements of Typographic Style (4th ed., 2012). A Short History of the Printed Word (with Warren Chappell, 1999), The Solid Form of Language: An Essay on Writing and Meaning (2004) and The Surface of Meaning: Books and Book Design in Canada (2008) are among his many works.

This print quickly surveys the history of typography, from five billion years ago to today.

An earlier version of this piece appeared in The Walrus, in 2004. This revised version is published by the Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) in 2017, supported by Hemlock Printers and Spicers.

Printed with offset lithography in two inks, with a large emboss, onto 80lb Cougar Natural Cover.  20" x 13.5".

$10 CAD + $20 shipping
(all proceeds go to GDC Foundation)

Maxim/Dictum Poster
by Rob Peters

Designed by Robert L. Peters CGD, FGDC for Circle Design Incorporated, Winnipeg MB.
Beautifully printed on the HP Indigo 7500 press at Hemlock Printers, Vancouver BC, on stock provided by Spicers, Vancouver BC: FSC® Certified Classic Crest Text Bright White 100% PC FSC Recycled Paper.

Size: 11.875 in x 15.9375 in
Sale Price: $20 plus $20 shipping

Section 2 Poster

“Section 2”
Hand Screened Custom Printed Poster

Craig Medwyduk (CGD) and Jacqueline Germin (CGD) of Odelay Design (Saskatoon, SK) have designed and screen printed a limited run, multi-coloured edition of 50 posters. All proceeds from the sale of these once-and-they’re-gone posters will be generously donated to the GDC Foundation as part of our fundraising efforts.

Odelay has provided behind-the-scenes glimpses of their process as they worked towards completion. Photos, sketches and more are shared via the GDC Foundation’s social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

  • Designed & Hand Printed by Odelay!
  • 19” x 25”
  • Limited to 50 prints
  • Typeface: Raleigh Bold
  • Paper: French Poptone Wild Cherry 100LB Cover
  • Colour: Custom Ink, House Paint, Maple Syrup, Maple Leaf Powder, & Canadian Nickel
  • Due to the organic process of the stencilling & printing, each limited numbered piece is uniquely different.

Odelay is a two-person graphic design & screen printing service. Jacqueline Germin, CGD & Craig Medwyduk, CGD have been creating & screen printing for clients such as Yukon Blonde, Western Canadian Music Awards, Juno Awards and many others.

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Price: $40 + $25 shipping

All posters shipped in cardboard mailing tubes. Shipping includes cost of tube.