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Steven Rosenberg, FGDC

DS: Steven Rosenberg has never stopped pouring energy into the GDC. We met in Halifax, seven years ago, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on the national executive, since. We’ve worked hard, had some fun and put in some late nights, and we’ve all seen how much Steven has put into the GDC.

Right from the beginning, Steven has been involved in the restructuring of the “new GDC.” He joined the national on the eve of the passing of the Elgin-O’Conner proposals, and has since been building this new structure, and making it real. Of course, before that he was very active on the local level. He was instrumental in the formation of the Manitoba Chapter and is still contributing heavily to its activities. He operates a successful design consultancy in Winnipeg and the number of awards he has received testify to the professional respect he has earned from his peers. Drawing from his experience of working with many non-profit and cultural institutions, he has written the rule book on working with pro-bono clients: the info sheet now included in our national binders. This is typical of Steven—he always establishes a solid methodology—even for projects that don’t pay.

The constitutional changes brought about by Michael Marshall’s rewriting and editing (as well as the efforts of all the souls participating in that marathon meeting) were, in essence, steered by Steven’s careful driving. His conciliatory style of management helped bring about the “Palm Room Accord,” the agreement that knit the newly accredited RGD Ontario back into the cloth of the GDC, as a Member Association.

His years of effort on accreditation include what he dubbed the “Steel Wheels Tour,” on which he and Albert Ng traveled across the country bringing information on accreditation to the hinterlands; he allowed Albert’s dreams to fly by keeping his feet on the ground; and, in turn, inspired hundreds of young designers.

DC: I know he’ll also continue to be active in the process of bringing accreditation to Manitoba. And, I believe, even though he’s not going to be on the national council any longer he’s still going to be contributing, in a big way, to design in Canada.

EK: Yes, even when his focus was national, and that is what everyone at this table would have seen, he still had maximum involvement on the local level, keeping the Chapter going as well.

RP: So, just procedurally, I find it regrettable Steven isn’t here to hear this. I hope it is being recorded, because I certainly concur. I can go back another ten years, and talk about Steve’s efforts before there was a GDC in Manitoba. We used to have a chapter of the Industrial Designers of Canada (that was the only thing that was available to us) and the graphic designers banded together, developed processes, etc. that fueled eventually the formation of the GDC Chapter, and through all Steven has been active, and enthusiastic, and tireless.

DS: He’s a nice guy, he’s funny, he’s got a big heart and a social conscience, and he has given us a lot. It is with honour that I move that the President accept Steven Rosenberg as a Fellow of the GDC.

— Remarks by Dale Simonson with help from David Coates, Evan Kuz & Rob Peters