Type Tips: a guide to typographic style for your text.

Designed as a master-class in typography, presenter Kevin King will cover a wide range of typographic details that improve typesetting, as well as establish rules for proper symbol and character uses.

For this workshop, Kevin will demonstrate and guide participants through the techniques in InDesign that pertain to these typographic details, critique their work, and deliver a lecture each day (2 total lectures) relating to typography.

The workshop and lectures are designed in such a way that there will be a wealth of knowledge for all levels of student, from a new Designer to an industry veteran. 

Tickets available now.


About Kevin King:

After graduating from Humber College's graphic design program in 2010, Kevin spent 7 years working in Toronto for Canada Type as a font developer, at Coach House Press as a typographer, teaching typography at Humber College and Sheridan College, and teaching calligraphy workshops across Canada and in Vienna, Austria. After gathering a bunch of skills related to letterform design and typography, Kevin chose to attend Reading's MATD programme to push his critical thinking and form his skills into a professional type design toolkit. After completing the MATD, Kevin is back living in Toronto, working as a freelance type designer, typography researcher and instructor at Sheridan College, and shoveling snow.