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PechaKucha Night Vol. 32

The final PechaKucha Night Winnipeg for 2017

Update: The event went beautifully. Thanks to the presenters, the volunteers and all the the folks who were brave enough to come out to the Park Theatre on a cold winter Wednesday.

PKN Winnipeg co-chair Oliver Oike took some lovely photos of the event, which you can scroll through on Instagram:

Pecha Kucha Night Vol.32 — Speaker Bios 

Alice RL
Alice RL is a professional Illustrator based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The non-binary, Ojibawe artist draws inspiration from their experiences and cultural teachings and melds it with a signature palette of bright, playful hues to create stunning juxtapositions of human brutality and emotion with hope and whimsy. Alice’s range of projects include game and comic book art, digital and traditional illustration, and graphic design. Alice’s recent works include art for the On Screen Manitoba and New Media Manitoba’s Museum Design Lab centered around Indigenous sky stories. Alice is a Graduate of the University of Manitoba Fine Arts Program and Digital Media Design at Red River College. Alice is deeply involved in the local art community and strives to improve themselves and others. Whether working in digital or traditional art, Alice brings a unique personal style and emotional impact into all their creations.

LM Bryski
Lisa Bryski is an Emergency physician from Winnipeg. She is a real doctor but doesn't play one on TV. She gets to wear a lab coat at work and she likes to fix emergencies, not cause them. An Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba, LM is also past program director of Manitoba's CFPC Emergency Medicine program. Dr. Bryski is a published author of contemporary adult and children's fiction including the award-winning 'Book of Birds' and 'The Harmonica Tree.' Her newest novel, 'Blood Chill,' is due out in 2018. She also provides consultation advice about the portrayal of Medicine in literature and film. LM has many proclivities including a love of pancakes and all things breakfast. She enjoys reading and writing, and is very proud of her pronunciation of difficult words. Her humour is horrible, her punctuation abysmal, but she always finds a way to end her sentences with a period.

John Lyttle
John Lyttle is a graphic designer who loves letters and the way they can be placed one after another to create words. Calligraphy, sign painting, digital typography – it's all good. John keeps up-to-date with the latest electronic ways to publish but he also likes to get his hands dirty with ink and paint from time to time. He is a CGD certified member of GDC and has been the volunteer Communications Chair at GDC Manitoba since 2013.

Hannah Lyttle
LRSD student who taught a class for young people with low-spectrum autism, and organized, curated, and hosted an art exhibition to showcase their work.

Raymond Friesen
Raymond Friesen is a director and cofounder of Handcraft Creative whose camera has afforded him the opportunity to film polar bears for the BBC, work on some of the largest video game launches for Ubisoft and volunteer at orphanages across Thailand. Whenever he embarks on a new adventure, he looks for impactful narratives that inspire a change in perspective. 

Alex Kohut
Alex Kohut is the owner of "The Vintage Saint" a vintage dry goods outfitter (located at 70 Albert, studio 210) providing clothing and housewares to individuals of all identities. 
He has been collecting for nearly a decade and offers appraisals and style consultancy as well as expertise in item dating and material identification. He likes dogs.

Mike Peters
Mike is a Canadian photographer born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His work consists mainly of creative direction and photography for commercial campaigns and branded projects. He is a brand ambassador on social media and works with brands to tell their stories through photography and video.

Roman Teplouhov
Roman Teplouhov is a motion graphic artist whose mission it is to entertain people using visual effects. He graduated from Red River College with an Advanced Graphic Design and a Digital Media Design diploma, and aspires to deliver the most stunning designs and effects. He currently lives in Winnipeg and enjoys snowboarding, paintball and e-sports.

Joshua Cabezas
Joshua Cabezas is 3D animator and R&D lead at “”, with a background in Digital media design and Game Development.  In between work and latin dance practices, Josh works late trying to find a way to combine the services of artisan jobs and new technologies, in hopes to make Winnipeg a powerhouse in the new age of  VR/AR.

Thanks to Marie Tully for her fourth installation of a PKN poster this year. You may have noticed a progression in her artwork, a highlighting of four different themes as we have progressed through the year: Listen, Learn, Grow and Inspire. For Vol. 32, we expect to hear a lot about inspiration … and we’ll be inspired ourselves in the process.

Admission is free but we encourage you to make a donation at the door. Ten bucks or so would be greatly appreciated.

Please let us know you're planning to go …

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