Hacking Health / Winnipeg

Winnipeg's first ever Health Hackathon

Top 5 Reasons To Attend Hacking Health

 If you’re still on the fence about attending Hacking Health weekend this coming November 14th – 16th, here are the top five reasons you, as a graphic designer should attend this exciting event.

1. Become your own client
You’re used to solving problems and crafting beautiful designs for your own clients. You understand, as they do, the value that a designer brings to the table. Have you ever thought about what it might be like to craft clear graphic communications, develop a joyful user experience, or design a graphic identity for your own app or technical product? This is your chance to do exactly that! No bosses, just partners. It's your turn to be the Creative Director of your own start-up!

2. Make an impact in your community
Hacking Health is about developing innovative technical solutions for some of the healthcare industry’s biggest problems. Even if your project doesn’t take home the grand prize, you can still be a part of something that will make a huge impact on healthcare in your community, and possibly the world.

3. Healthcare Innovation is a Multi-Trillion dollar industry
No, that’s not a typo! That’s TRILLION with a T! The advent of the internet, mobile, touch technology, robotics, micro-controllers and other amazing technical innovations have just begun scratching the surface of healthcare innovation. The industry is hungry for new and innovative solutions and there is a ton of money to be made. If you get onto the right team, there’s no roof on your potential to earn in this industry.

4. Make new connections and open doors to new opportunities
You’ll meet tons of interesting people, from all walks of life. Entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, developers and of course other designers at Hacking Health Winnipeg. Connections that could last for your entire career.

5. Have a ton of fun!
Hackathons are fun, intense, hands-on events where small teams tackle tough problems in a supportive community of peers and mentors. You’ll curse a little, laugh a lot, and learn a ton at Hacking Health Winnipeg.

It only costs $40 dollars to register for the entire weekend, but if you’re a Certified CGD, the GDC will pay for you to attend!
We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Register today → http://winnipeg.hackinghealth.ca


GDC Manitoba is proud to sponsor and participate in Hacking Health – Winnipeg's first ever weekend-long Hackathon bringing together the health, graphic design and new media professions to build prototypes and problem-solve new ways to deliver healthcare.

If you work in one of these professions, we encourage you to get involved. The first step is to sign up for the Hacking Health mailing list.

GDC Manitoba will pay for up to 10 Manitoban designers to attend Hacking Health / Winnipeg, which will take place Nov. 14 to 16 at the St. Boniface Research Centre – 351 Taché Ave.

The regular price is $40 (plus a $3.39) fee but as part of GDC Manitoba’s support of the event, we want to send you free of charge.

If you are a CGD certified designer in good standing, please email GDC Manitoba Chapter President Adrian Shum to claim your pass. This offer is made on a first come, first served basis.

Participants will work together in teams to build a health-related product between November 14 and 16, 2014 and demonstrate it on the final day of the Hackathon. The goal is to accelerate ideas from front-line health clinicians and partner them with graphic designers, user experience professionals, developers, and visionaries to create a killer healthcare app in just a couple of days. The concept has been run in several cities across Canada including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Cape Town, Hamilton, Ottawa, and Calgary to much success and acclaim. To see how these events occur firsthand have a look at the Hacking Health home page or check out this coverage from CBC during Hacking Health Toronto.

The healthcare industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry that has seen all forms of innovative medical procedures implemented and yet this same industry still requires doctors to fill out medical histories by hand and have patients dial a phone to book appointments. We need to accelerate the adoption of consumer-friendly ideas into the healthcare industry to create human-centric technology solutions that will improve user experience and provide better care. Hacking Health Winnipeg to the rescue!

Hacking Health Café III — PITCH CLINIC
Friday, Nov. 7 2014
8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. (CST)
1000 Waverley St.
Winnipeg, MB

To pitch or not to pitch? That is the question.
See below for the answer...

There's one more Hacking Health Café prior to the Hacking Health weekend and this time it's all about learning how to craft an idea into a 60-second smooth-as-silk pitch-presentation.

Winnipeg-based entrepreneur and RampUp Manitoba founder, Chris Johnson, will share knowledge and expertise that helped him win multiple hackathons, launch several successful startups, and go on to land valuable venture capital investment dollars for his business projects. He will guide you through the steps of distilling your idea into the most essential information to help others realize the importance and need to prototype your idea at Winnipeg's upcoming Hacking Health weekend.

This Hacking Health Café will be held bright and early at 1000 Waverley Street on November 7, 2014. Doors open at 7:30 AM for a light breakfast, followed by the main presentation at 8:00 AM.

You'll have the opportunity to hear Chris' presentation and then work with him or another one of our team members to help craft your own pitch.  

There is no charge to attend the Hacking Health Café on November 7! Even if you don't plan on pitching during Hacking Health weekend on Nov. 14 this is an excellent opportunity to learn several important tips for communicating an idea to share with others in a way that makes sense.

You can register for both the Hacking Café and the Hacking Health weekend today!

And in answer to the question raised at the start of this message...

Register for the Nov. 7 free Pitch Clinic

Register for the Nov. 16 to 18 Hacking Health Event

Gold sponsors: New Media Manitoba, GDC Manitoba and Life Science Association of Manitoba

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