GDC BC Presents CreativeMornings with Heather Dawn Jones

Heather has a visual art practice that emphasizes the transformation of ordinary & discarded objects into immersive works of art. She began to develop her unique style in her final year of the B.F.A.


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About Heather Dawn Jones

From these small beginnings she quickly began to work big, building large scale architectural sets for The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret including The Village Project — a village built from pallets and inhabited by artists — the immersive 1930s-esque set for Hard Times Hit Parade. She has since created work for numerous local theatre companies, as well as community events such as Illuminaries and Parade of Lost Souls.

Her most recent work includes a life size tessellated horse built out of punched tin cans and cold-forged recycled copper for the Chinese Cultural Centre of Vancouver. This project exemplifies her sense of creative reuse that remakes the familiar into the vibrantly unexpected.

Her work encompasses a strong sense of community, as expressed through the teaching of skills in workshops, working with other artists in collective creation, and designing art that facilitates intersection and connection. She is currently working as the lead visual artist for Vancouver International Children’s Festival—creating interactive art installations that engage children and youth in the making of art.

As of late, Heather has been dedicating her time to the development of a 50-acre international artist residency and performing arts centre, “The Lookout Arts Quarry” located in Bellingham, WA. As it’s name suggests, it was previously an industrial rock quarry site.

She lives in a hand built patchwork house on wheels, drives backhoes, builds large scale engineered artist facilities, builds wooden art installations including her favourite little lean-to church atop the hill, creates graphic design promotions, produces festivals, and organizes artist residencies.

She spends her free time expanding her skills as an artist into the realm of performance, shadow puppetry, dance, and experimental sound. In all, from visual art to performing art, graphic design to construction, her work is quintessentially quirky, engaging, playful, and larger than life.