What is Graphic / Communication Design

Graphic designers help to achieve communication goals...

Graphic design (or communication design) involves effective visualisation of communication concepts, primarily in print and electronic media (including interface design), in the context of business and technology, socio-political, cultural and educational environments, in transmitting government and institutional aims and services, and in visually explaining and exploring medical and scientific data and processes. Clients usually determine project aims.

Graphic/communication designers help to achieve communication goals by analysing, structuring, planning and creating images and text to enhance visual communication for specific purposes. They often act as consultants.

Simplifying the complex

When you think of a successful Canadian organization, chances are their logos spring to mind. But innovative graphic/communication design goes far beyond a memorable logo. Great graphic/communication design can communicate emotions and subtle shades of meaning — all without saying a word.

Graphic/communication design is integral to our lives and to Canada’s leading organizations. CGD certified members of the GDC are skilled at using art and technology to visually communicate ideas. By controlling colour, type, images and ideas, graphic/communication designers produce materials that convey specific messages to intended audiences.

Over the past 50+ years, graphic and communication design has emerged as a complex service-profession. While pioneering designers honed their craft on paper by hand, today's designers are at the forefront of technology, using complex computer software and the latest printing techniques to communicate ideas.

In addition to producing communications materials and solving problems for clients, 21st century designers require intelligence, versatility, and marketing know-how.

Successful business leaders recognize the importance of great graphic/communication design. And that's why they understand the importance of the GDC.

Good Design is Good Business

CGD™ certified members of the GDC can make you stand out, motivate your potential customers, cultivate brand recognition, and influence public perception of your company, your service, your product. Experienced graphic designers understand this – extending your reach into the marketplace and helping you achieve your full market potential.

A graphic/communication designer whose services have been CGD™ certified is a business partner who can see your project from the planning, concept development and budgeting stages, through to production, quality control and the finished product. When you hire a CGD™ certified member of the GDC, you are tapping into expertise in communication strategies, effective problem-solving and highly specialized design know-how. Your CGD™ certified designer can help you articulate your business objectives and crystallize your ideas. You'll be rewarded with thoughtful, visual communications that make your message clear.

When you think about graphic/communication design, and its potential for your business, remember, quality design is effective design. Always look for the CGD™ certification mark following a designer's name – your assurance of quality and professionalism from a CGD™certified member of the GDC.

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