Need: graphic designers who can think.


Educational program design, development, and implementation: Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design for Marketing (GDMA).

In an era when technical skills development appears to be stressed over strategic thinking, the Graphic Design for Marketing program enables students to create opportunities with businesses who seek strategic marketing communications. GDMA is the only program in BC that offers students the opportunity to develop the astute thinking skills required to create, design and produce strategic marketing communications. These include the learning of how complex technological systems are used to communicate carefully structured messages to achieve specific marketing objectives.


2016 celebrates our 10th graduating class from the program.


Wilson School of Design, Kwantlen Polytechnic University


Development team: Rick Cuff, Marge Damon, Panteli Tritchew, Dale Simonson, Roberto Dosil

Implementation team: Rick Cuff, Dale Simonson, David Young, Keith Martin, Marge Damon, Erin Ashenhurst, Cameron Cavers, Andy Helmi

(Visual identity: Dale Simonson)

Project Role(s)

Creative Director