The Grand Lodge decided to completely revamp their quarterly publication in 2011. The goal was to be faithful to their rich traditions while providing a vibrant and visually appealing document. Another stipulation was to provide a clutter free cover which symbolizes or illustrates an aspect that is being written about inside.


Very little text on the cover is required as the key readership doesn't need to be sold on the magazine as most who receive it will peruse it, giving me the freedom to maximize the visual appeal of the cover without cluttering it with too many tag lines. It should be noted that the cover is often significant to this particular audience and, therefore, often speaks for itself without the need for a tag line or title at all. Public domain works and stock photos are often used to illustrate the subject of the cover. Type was chosen for readability and elegance. Drop caps in the style of old illuminated manuscripts, Garamond for the body text, and Trajan for the section titles all serve to give the magazine an ancient and distinguished feel. ITC Benguiat provides a bold look for the nameplate. I replaced the first "A" with the square and compasses which is the most recognizable symbol of Freemasonry. The eye in the middle of the square and compasses changes colour with the seasons. Brown for spring, green for summer, amber for autumn, and blue for winter. The colour of the nameplate changes between gold and blue (the colours of the Grand Lodge) from issue to issue depending on the background colour to get best contrast. In some cases the colour of the nameplate will change more drastically to provide a more unified feel to a particular cover.


The Masonic Foundation of Manitoba

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Art Director