The objective of this project was to design a new logo for IWAWM (Insurance Women's Association of Western Manitoba) as they felt they wanted a more current feel to their logo while being faithful to the principles portrayed in their motto. They wanted to keep the wheat motif from their previous logo.


I chose to make the wheat sheaths undulate as if blowing in a gentle breeze, which illustrates action and helps instill in the viewer a sense of IWAWM's "can do" philosophy. The three sheaths of wheat abstractly symbolize each of the three elements of their motto: education, networking, and personal growth. The typeface was chosen to give a progressive, modern, strong look and feel. Consequently, we see a stark contrast between the rustic, historical, and fluid looking wheat sheaths, which symbolize the three elements of their motto and the stalwart, modern and angular feel of the typeface, which embodies the "strength" portion of their motto. This illustrates the concept of past, present, and future and depicts IWAWM's status as a well established yet progressive organization. The colour scheme supports this paradigm with the lighter colour of the wheat contrasting the bold, dark colour of the type and serving to emphasize the contrast between rustic and modern.


Insurance Women's Association of Western Manitoba