Why GDC?

The joingdcmb.ca microsite has nine good answers

In 2013, Manoverboard designed a brilliant microsite for the Manitoba Chapter: joingdcmb.ca

Sure, we’re biased in favour of this site but we’re not the only ones who think it’s great: it won special mention at Awwwards.

And now, when someone asks, “Why join GDC?” we have nine hyper-articulate answers at our fingertips. These members of GDCMB speak eloquently about the reasons to remain active members of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada:

  • Stephanie Besselt O’Leary, CGD
  • Robert L. Peters, CGD, FGDC
  • Kevin Guenther, CGD
  • Frank Reimer, CGD
  • Ian McCausland
  • Ron Sawchuk, CGD
  • Dave Hardy, CGD
  • Sylvie Desjarlais, CGD
  • Paul Tétrault, CGD and Andrea Tétrault, CGD

Go ahead – read what they have to say at joingdcmb.ca