Capilano University found that their status and distinction as a university had not fully been recognized since it became a university in 2008. We worked with hundreds of stakeholders to take a aspirational viewpoint of where the university saw itself growing. Through these workshops, we began to help staff, faculty and students heal old divisions and feel a greater sense of community and purpose.


What we heard from hundreds of people shaped the Brand Goal and Objectives, Key Messages and Brand Essence — Confident. Unified. Creative. Enduring. Luminous.

Through a collaborative process with the Capilano University team as well as First Nations students and Elders, we worked through dozens of iterations to craft a logo that speaks to the University’s unique status and offerings, its stunning campus and history.


The brand launched on November 24, 2016 in an enthusiastic and celebratory event. “Students, staff and partners in the community have told us they love our new brand and find it powerful and welcoming,” says Paul Dangerfield, president of Capilano University. A great achievement for an institution with so many stakeholders.


Capilano University


Strategy and Art direction: Rod Roodenburg and Casey Hrynkow
Design and Art direction: David Coates and Keith Leinweber
and EVERYONE on the Ion team.

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The emblem, using multiple facets, represents the character of Capilano University and its connection to the land on which it stands and the people who live, work and learn here. The combination of linear and circular organic forms, defined by the vibrant colour palette, speak of diversity and collaboration, with the separate elements creating a vibrant whole. Ultimately, the emblem creates a universal symbol defending the virtues of Capilano University as a place of higher experiential learning. Beyond the logo itself, the brand story and language have been developed to help Capilano University staff work with the brand on a day-to-day basis. This includes photographic subject matter and style, brand tone and speaking points in addition to templates and guidelines.