Cover: Jubilee campaign by Mary-margret Degraaf

Announcing the 2021 GDC VI /Hemlock Printers Student Scholarship Winner

The $500 GDC Vancouver Island/Hemlock Printers student scholarship is for GDC VI student members enrolled in a multi-year, full-time, graphic design program at a post-secondary institution. Applications for this year's award were reviewed by a panel of CGD™ certified members from the Chapter.

Congratulations to the winner of the 2021 scholarship!
Mary-margret Degraaf
Bachelor of Graphic Design program
Vancouver Island University

Patrick E. Foster

"... I want to send a sincere thank you to the GDC for picking my submission. I am heading into my fourth year in graphic design at VIU and I am so looking forward to it. Receiving this scholarship helps ease the financial stress of university, so I can really enjoy my last year! " – Mary-margret Degraaf

The brief: design a multi-page app concept in Adobe XD.
"Life is short, wear your party pants! Jubilee is an event reminder app, with a unique vibe and a sense of humor. Within the app, you can create avatars/profiles for your friends and family. Never miss a special occasion again! Add important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. Other features include pre-created messages, gift reminders, shopping links and more.
There are plenty of event reminder apps out there, but they are often lacking lightness and fun. To me, celebrations are joyous and I wanted that to come through to the user with the use of colour. With the pattern, I was inspired by confetti and sprinkles. These bright colours delight and create an experience of joy, mixing them together generates a party atmosphere. I hope the user is inspired by these colours to bring cheer into the lives of loved ones and created a cause for celebration!"

Judges comments: 
A bright, entertaining, well-thought-out and beautifully illustrated concept! Love the refreshing colour palette, choice of typography and understated logo. I think Mary-margret has really hit the mark with this app design!

...a very successful concept, solution, and execution with a brightness and energy that truly suits the application.

About The Squeeze:  "The client is Generation Squeeze, a Canadian organization that advocates on behalf of young adults. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the narrative of “The Squeeze” to effectively communicate the problems facing younger people in Canada today. I wanted the viewer to feel fired up and create a sense of urgency on these issues plaguing young people today."

Judge's comment: Straightforward and clean use of quotes, great colour choices and stats.

The designer’s portfolio samples show powerful simple organization of elements, strong use of dynamic appealing colours and shapes to capture and direct readers’ attention, and excellent use of white space to control attention and drive clarity. Well done

This designer’s work is attractive and involving. It is a pleasure to review it.
It is obvious this candidate is not afraid of applying herself and already has an impressive list of volunteer achievements! Well done!

If this is what Mary-margret is doing as a third year design student, I cant wait to see what she does a year from now! Great work!!

Many thanks to Hemlock Printers for partnering with the VI Chapter and supporting Vancouver Island students with this scholarship.