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Application for CGD Certification Deadline

Get CGD Certified! The next Atlantic Chapter Certification Deadline is June 8, 2018.

The CGD certification mark is recognized across Canada and provides designers with an opportunity to prove the standard of their services and differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.

CGD certification requires that you have completed at least seven years, in total, of combined graphic design education and professional practice, and have demonstrated your work and professional integrity are of acceptable standards by successfully completing a GDC case studies review.

CGD Applications must include:
• Current Resume
• Completed CGD Membership application: How to become CGD Certified
• Portfolio of 7 Case Studies (Details found on page 2 of the Membership Application)
• Membership dues payment (Current members should include payment for $100 for the upgrade to CGD membership. If your CGD certification is not successful, your payment will be cancelled/returned).

New applicants should include the $200 membership fee with their case studies submission, and will need to pay the $100 CGD upgrade upon successful certification. New membership payment can also be done online at GDC Membership.

Next opportunity to apply for CGD Certification will be August/September 2018.

Please forward your application packages by 5:00PM, Friday, June 08, 2018 to:

c/o Leigh McGlone
3700 John Parr Drive
Halifax, NS B3K 5V4

If you are delivering it in person, please contact me first to make arrangements: Vice President
Further information on the certification process: Case Study Review Criteria