Typography: Top 5 Links for Designers

Who doesn't love cruising the internet for some new reading material? This month, we are giving you our top websites for typography!

The following is a list, in no particular order, of five of my favourite, go-to typography related blogs and websites. 

Friends of Type 
Friends of Type is pretty much an online collaborative sketchbook between a group of four contributors. There is always something new to look at and each contributor has their own unique style. It’s always fun to see what kind of illustrated-type-tangents have evolved, such at the World Series inspired posts titled “Battle of the Bats”. 

Fonts in Use
This site is for the font nerds and those who love to point out what typeface is being used when they see a billboard or a new ad campaign. It is also a great site to look at case studies of typefaces being used across a variety of mediums. You can choose to view the site in three different categories; Industry related posts, Formats, or Typefaces. 

Typography Served 
Behance has a series of “Served” sites where you can find a collection of work specific to a topic, anywhere from Furniture design to App design. It’s pretty handy to have a bit of a curated list to look at and get lost in!

Hoefler & Co.
Hoefler & Co. has some beautiful typefaces with extensive and elegant families. On their website there is a basic and informative techniques section as well an interactive piece titled Discover.Typogaphy. I know this is just a marketing tool to sell H&Co. fonts, but I do appreciate the amount of effort the company puts into the approach. 

Christopher Rouleau - 12 months of type project 

Christopher Rouleau is a Toronto-based typographer and designer who seems to always have a personal project on the go alongside with the rest of his work. Currently Christopher is working on 12 Months of Type, where each month is dedicated to a new medium to create different typographic pieces. For the month of November the medium is 3-D.




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