2014 GDC National Scholarship Winners

Winners of the 2014 GDC National Scholarships are announced.

Each year — with generous funding from our national partners Applied Arts, Canada Type, and GDC Foundation — GDC recognizes the work of graphic design students across Canada. This year, with over 140 submissions in four categories, the judges were delighted to see that creative problem solving, design thinking and a commitment to quality continued to be demonstrated across the submitted works. This made for a difficult yet satisfying judging experience, and although we cannot recognize everyone, we applaud all entrants for their hard work and efforts. 

The judging took place at the GDC office in Ottawa on Sunday, June 8. Judges were Adrian Jean CGD, Brenda Sanderson CGD, Marga Lopez CGD, and Naoko Masuda CGD.

Case studies will be featured in the coming months.


Applied Arts Scholarship

$1000 Award Recipient: “Vancouver Aquarium Community Report” Michelle Lim
2nd Year Student, Capilano University, Educator: Vida Jurcic CGD

Michelle’s approach to the community report is a mature project that is “cohesive, creative and playful but highly professional”. The pop-up elements bring an engaging and fresh component to a well-known format, creating a sense of friendliness and wonder to the community report.   


Honourable Mention: “iMaGiNE — A Children’s Story” Colton Floris
1st Year Student, University of the Fraser Valley, Educator: Jason Neve

Colton’s work deserves honourbale mention for the effort and passion that went into the writing, illustration and consideration of media application in developing a complete and charming illustrated children’s story — by a first year student, to boot. There is much studying and work required ahead, but Colton is off to a great start.


Canada Type Scholarship

$2000 Award Recipient: Wes Browne “Volo Airways Annual Report” and “Typographic Poster”
2nd Year Student, Capilano University, Educators: Carol Aitken CGD and Vida Jurcic CGD 

Wes’ submissions demonstrated different sides of the budding designer. The annual report was “confident and clean” with “well-considered and calculated decisions in pacing, typography and imagery”. In contrast, the typography poster represented the Bruce Mau quote well, and showed a different, slightly more experimental side to Wes’s work.


Honourable Mention: Tabitha Robin "Four Seasons Album Cover" and "Applied Arts Magazine Spread"
3rd Year Student, University of Manitoba, Educator: 'Segun Olude CGD

Tabitha’s work on the CD cover art is “spot on” when in comes to colour and image-selection. The letterforms she created are playful and appealing — something that could be easily imagined as a real product.


GDC Foundation Ray Hrynkow Scholarship

$500 Recipient: “Molecure” Mobile App by Lilian Leung 
2nd Year Student, Capilano University, Educator: Vida Jurcic CGD

Lilian’s project — a mobile app that helps to keep people with depression on track by reminding the user when to take medication, get exercise, etc. — is an “empathetic and compassionate” design project.  It brings delight, attention and compassion to a very difficult and often crippling illness. The visual language used is coherent and supports the “non-intrusive” coach/support aim of the project. There are some user interface elements that are somewhat confusing, but with some detailing, this could be a very helpful real-world design project. Judge Marga Lopez commented that she could see Ray Hrynkow getting very excited about this project.


Honourable Mention: “Squashbox” by Jocelyn Wong
2nd Year Student, Capilano University, Educator: Vida Jurcic CGD

With Squashbox, Jocelyn took a real-life problem — bringing home leftovers from the restaurant — and, with inspiration from her Tupperware-toting mother, created a system that allows people be less wasteful both in terms of the food itself and the packaging that comes along with taking food home. The idea is almost complete, and the judges recommended that she consider taking the required steps to finesse the project so that it can be a real-life program.


GDC Foundation Marc Brisbourne Scholarship

$500 Recipient: Maryam Mobini, Graduate Studies, Simon Fraser University

Maryam is working toward her Master of Arts degree at the School of Interactive Arts & Technology, Simon Fraser University. Her area of research is biofeedback, and body-centric design, and interactive wearable sensor technology. Her focus is in designing wearable healthcare products that can benefit and improve the health of the user.