A Saskatoon Portfolio

Christian Jensen CGD

Christian Jensen CGD has been a member of the GDC Saskatchewan North Chapter for 20 years. His work is lyrical, humourous and smart. His 2013 Germ Smart Campaign for Saskatoon Health Region is particularly intriguing.

Christian's thoughts on his GDC membership: For 20 years, the GDC has been an essential ingredient in my design career. The friends and connections I have made, the exposure via my portfolio and resources of the GDC community have all provided me with advantages, and I would be less advanced in my profession had I not been a member.

Christian Jensen Communications Design (CJCD) /
Studio Philosophy and Overview

CJCD operates out of an office just off of downtown Saskatoon, SK (the home office thing has advantages, but wearing pants really ups my game I’ve found).  The long-term vision for CJCD is definitely small, but certainly whatever is required to keep the focus on the creative.

CJCD operates on the following four principles:

1) Creative first – it’s not just artistic passion… it’s good for everybody’s business. Nobody really benefits from lame half-hearted communications, least of all the client. I make every decision based on keeping this an absolute priority. Besides, it’s cool to enjoy going to work everyday.

2) Treat people well, it just makes life better for everyone (and it is also good business in the long run).  

3) Listen to others (in particular, the client) – it’s called ‘communications’ design for a reason, and we are communicating for someone else, someone who knows themselves better than anyone.

4) Don’t be afraid to say no – If a client doesn’t reciprocate the things above, we maybe should not work together.  In the end I’ll still go to work in the morning, only with people I like working with - and vice versa.

I would like to give props to Cynthia Hoffos FGDC and Dani vanDriel at Concepts3 for my first ten years of employment. These people walked the talk and showed us that treating people well is not a weakness in business.  I hope for every young designer to have the privilege of working with people of such quality.

Below: 2013 GermSmart Campaign Posters / Saskatoon Health Region

I was extremely proud to partner with The Saskatoon Health Region on their hand hygiene campaign, and am always grateful to work with clients that allow bold ideas to ‘grow’.

The images you see here were produced using actual germ samples from around Saskatoon, and grown in a university lab under strict supervision.
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Below: Broadway Theatre (Saskatoon) Fundraising Campaign Poster


Below: Cherry Insurance 2007 Campaign

When Cherry insurance agreed to this concept, the first thought was,
“What was I thinking? This is nuts!”  

To pull this off in time for the spring insurance season required that I:
A) Learn how to manufacture multiple large hollow fiberglass objects,
B) Figure out how to ensure they would be transportable and not break or blow off, and
 C) Not completely lose my mind.

I’m happy to report I accomplished the first two successfully.

Above: “Sounds Like Architecture”  
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada / 2010 National Conference Identity

The 2010 National Conference was to coincide with the Sasktel International Jazz Festival, and the committee wanted a theme to reflect this. This graphic, along with the ‘Sounds like Architecture’ title theme, were created to give the event a look and feel suitable to it’s festive nature.

Above: Korpan Tractor Corporate Visual Brand     

The re-branding of this major heavy equipment dealer focused on simplicity, solidity and at the same time, movement. As their competitors make heavy use of yellow in their identities, we set Korpan  apart with a strong motif relying heavily on blacks.  The use of embossing ‘tracks’ on the materials in harmony with the logo design gives the ‘impression’ of activity and forward direction.

To further set Korpan apart, we chose to Illustrate eight different varieties of machinery rather than use photography for the corporate brand.

Each team member also has eight different business card designs, each featuring a different machine type. Besides being a great talking point, this offers them the option of giving a card to a potential client that features the same machine type the client is inquiring about.

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