2003-2006 National Scholarship Recipients

Initiated in 2003, the GDC National Scholarships have supported numerous design students in pursuing their career goals.


Adjudication was hosted by Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton, Alberta

$1,500 Veer Scholarship
Emily Tu, York/Sheridan Honours Bachelor of Design, Toronto, ON
Instructor: Mary Ann Maruska, FGDC
Project: Sidewalks

Emily’s additional experience of furthering her education through a year long exchange at Bauhaus University in Germany is readily apparent in this stunning editorial design project. The sensitivity applied to the images, typography and grid is at a very high level, with both design concepts being well integrated, appropriate and extremely appealing to the intended audience.

Her goal of “evoking a sense of history and nostalgia as well as a sense of the contemporary nature of Canadian cities” comes across in a sophisticated and intelligent design standing out from the rest of the submissions in the eyes of all the judges. Emily has joined the Toronto Public Space Committee, further evidence of her dedication to refining her abilities and her desire to apply her skill as a designer in a positive manner to her community.

$1,000 Veer Scholarship
Jessica Palmer, Capilano College, North Vancouver  BC
Instructor: Carol Aitkin, MGDC
Project: Drug Facts

Jessica demonstrates an understanding of the power of design in her introductory letter stating, “Concept is what design is all about to me. Making people take a second look at what you are trying to say.” Jessica achieved this goal in her submission, which cleverly communicates the facts on various drugs in a manner similar to the nutrition data on cereal boxes. The result shows a strong concept using an effective metaphor to convey information on illegal drugs.

The target audience is comprised of teenagers and their parents so the images of the drugs are large, distinct, and tastefully cropped, while the text does not pull any punches. Perhaps a few of the negative aspects of the drugs are left out, but the descriptions for the reasons why kids take drugs make it a very useful communication tool for both audiences—it doesn’t preach, it merely informs. It is a complex and challenging project and Jessica fulfilled the brief with style and skill.

$1000 Aquent Scholarship
Joanne Lee, Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, Halifax  NS
Instructor: Ludwig Scharf
Project: Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia

Joanne’s goal with her submission was “to stimulate and encourage exposure of, and appreciation for, the literary, artistic, educational, scientific, and athletic achievements of black people in Nova Scotia.” This project demonstrates very thorough background research and strong application of the design process. It was for this reason that the jurors felt this applicant shows extremely high potential for future success.

The process by which Joanne arrived at her design solutions was readily apparent through the organized research presented. In addition, her success in applying the design solution to the actual venue is commendable. Joanne’s desire “to venture out and do collaborative work for different clients” is already well underway to being fulfilled.

$1,000 Adobe Scholarship
Stephanie Campbell, York University/Sheridan Institute, Toronto, ON
Instructor: Mary Ann Maruska, FGDC
Project: Silent Invasion of the Inuit World Canada Post Stamp Series

Stephanie acknowledges that design is in her genes, since her grandfather who was a graphic artist and sign painter in Jamaica. Her years as a youth were spent expanding her family's business and steering signage treatments away from Comic Sans to more appropriate typefaces. The stamp series illustrating the impact of modern culture on Canada’s north and the Inuit is striking in its simplicity and its multi-layered sophistication. The resulting work is quite unique and appropriate in concept. It combines classic, strong design, and typography with clear and well chosen appropriate graphic symbolism, all of which reflects cultural sensitivity.

The Inuit influenced animal 'art' symbols are carefully framed within modern graphic images representing polar ice flows and the encroachment of southern culture and pollution. Stephanie's thoughtfulness in her design solution is evident in her rationale for the use of a chemical hazard symbol as part of the postmark. “Although a more recognized symbol such as the 'skull and crossbones' would indicate a more obvious toxicity, the threat is neither visible nor obvious and thus would be inappropriate and overstated.”

$1000 Applied Arts Magazine Scholarship
Kelsey Arndt, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Instructor: Sue Colberg, MGDC
Project: Handlettering

The execution of Kelsey’s submission frames the subject matter quite well and clearly communicates the thorough research she put into the project. The piece is visually stimulating with good pacing to draw the reader through the booklet. The judges also responded strongly to the use of tactile typography (hand lettering), as well as her choice of paper and binding techniques.

As Kelsey stated in her rationale, “Being trained on the computer to produce letterforms, we often forget how beautiful our own scribbles are. Sometimes the most interesting pieces of a project are the first preliminary notes and sketches we produce to get the ball rolling.”

Download PDF of the article from Applied Arts on the 2006 Winners


Adjudication, Winnipeg, MB

$2500 Veer Scholarship
Cecilia Mok, York University/Sheridan College, Toronto, ON

$1000 Aquent Scholarship
Sarah Anderson, York University/Sheridan College, Toronto, ON

$1000 Adobe Scholarship
Sherry Jang, Capilano College, Vancouver, BC

$1000 Applied Arts Magazine Scholarship
Lucia Chu, York University/Sheridan College, Toronto  ON

Honourable Mentions
Joanna Jung, York University/Sheridan College, Toronto, ON
Christopher Freeman, Capilano College, North Vancouver, BC
Josh Dudych, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB
William Bull, Malaspina University College, Vancouver Island, BC

Download PDF of the article from Applied Arts on the 2005 Winners


Adjudication, Victoria, BC

$1000 Aquent Scholarship
Andrew McMillan, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

$1000 Adobe Scholarship
Stephanie Gibson, Capilano College, North Vancouver, BC

$500 Applied Arts Magazine Scholarship
Liz Barreto, Fanshawe College, London, ON

$500 Creo Scholarship
Adrian Jueng Ku Shum, Red River College, Winnipeg, MB


Adjudication, Ottawa, ON

$1000 Corel Scholarship
Todd Chapman, Capilano College, North Vancouver, BC

$1000 Adobe Scholarship
Amber Olson, Red River College, Winnipeg, MB

$500 Apple Canada Scholarship
Jacki Kai, Capilano College, North Vancouver, BC

Header image from 2004 promotional materials. Designed by Craig Medwyduk, Guppy Design, Winnipeg, MB