If you are diagnosed with cancer, this is a book for you—for those first challenging days. This book is not about someone else’s story, it’s about consciously creating your own story. As you embark upon your cancer journey, the book’s three chapters provide a simple framework to explore some of the immediate issues surrounding a diagnosis of cancer.

S T O P prepares you for the journey…
Stop acknowledges your feelings and provides encouragement for you to pause and take conscious control of the situation.

Y I E L D explores issues of life and death…
Yield considers the verities of living and of dying, invites you to consider all options and then follow the wisdom of your heart.

G O invites you to live your life well…
Go encourages you to live each day by consciously creating your personal healing journey.

By showing you how to participate in your own healing, From This Moment On offers you a valuable reminder to live well … quite literally …  from this moment on.


This does not look like your average cancer book and it’s not. You’ll find guidance but also music, photographs, poetry and art. From This Moment On is a patient tool deliberately designed to simplify and humanize information that is critical to the well-being of any person confronting a potentially life-threatening illness. Recognizing our diverse ways of being in the world, the book treats the reader with dignity, compassion and respect. Just as important, it offers unfiltered honesty. While literary elements and typography regulate the pacing between denser blocks of text, it is the 83 illustrations that provide a refreshing visual journey for the reader. This book is intentionally designed to make the often direct subject matter more accessible, more comprehensible and more bearable.

Designed for people who may be overwhelmed and unwell, the book’s large type and simple format ensure that critical information can be easily understood. From This Moment On was deliberately written and designed with the reader—the patient—in mind. Immediately following my diagnosis, I was overwhelmed with medical information and unable to concentrate. As a newly diagnosed patient or family member, you might be similarly overwhelmed by symptoms, treatment or fear. The book’s friendly format is immediately accessible because the text to page ratio is low. Sometimes there’s a single idea on the page so that the content has a better chance to sink in. Even then, you may want to take your time, rest between sessions and re-read certain pages. This simple looking book is packed with powerful content.


The right book for someone with a diagnosis of cancer, written by someone who has been there and knows what you need. Clear, comprehensive and sensitive.
— Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

This book is a spiritual and psychological safety net. You will never regret reading it.
— Caroline Myss, Ph.D., author of Anatomy of the Spirit

From This Moment On is one of those rare books as sharp and clear as a diamond necklace: every word shines, every thought sparkles. Buy this book for a friend with cancer, but read it first yourself. Profoundly nourishing.
— Susun S. Weed, author of Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way

From This Moment On contains valuable insights mingled with age-old truths; it can help educate and prepare people for the difficulties we all encounter.
— Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Prescriptions for Living: Inspirational Lessons for a Joyful, Loving Life

I love this book! I wish it had been around while I was going through cancer. Open to any random page and you’ll get something to inspire you, to challenge you to think a bit differently. I want to give this book to anyone diagnosed with cancer and anyone who loves someone who has it.
— Julia Sweeney, author of God Said, “Ha!”

You have been diagnosed with cancer this small book may save your life and will certainly save your sanity!
— Dr. Susan Love, author of Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book


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Whatever your situation, you will be transformed. From This Moment On has been designed to help you heal—one page at a time. – 1 This book is written specifically for those recently diagnosed with cancer. – 2 It is also suitable for family, friends, caregivers and health professionals. – 3 It is a generic primer for adults with any type of cancer. – 4 It begins right at the moment of diagnosis. – 5 It prepares people for the challenging days that might lie ahead. – 6 It uses plain talk to simplify and communicate complex information. – 7 It uses design, typography and 83 figures to visually and intellectually stimulate the reader. – 8 It speaks directly about life and death. – 9 It is always compassionate, honest and respectful. – 10 It encourages readers to begin a healing journey from this moment on.