Evova Foods required help in marketing a new high-protein snack food made with egg whites.


I worked with the client to develop an appropriate product name which would appeal to health-conscious consumers and communicate that this was a tasty, high-quality product. After exploring a number of different name options we decided to focus on the product’s main selling point: that the snack featured ten grams of protein in only 110 calories. So the name X-110 was born, and we explored design possibilities based on that. The zero in the logo was a great opportunity to sneak in some imagery alluding to their egg protein content. I selected colours in the red to yellow range for their proven ability to stimulate appetite, and for their likeness to the flavours we had.

From that point, designs for the four flavours were carefully developed to complement the overall branding approach, varying just enough to achieve a unique look for each flavour.

After designing the packages I built a point-of-sale display, and then a website for them to promote and sell the product. The website features a unique animated home page and an online store. Visit them at!


The client was pleased with the branding and they are waiting to see how the product launch goes.


Evova Foods

Project Role(s)

Project Manager