This was a new gallery and its management intended to carry artworks which are very spiritually uplifting. They wanted their image to be of the highest quality, communicating holiness, elegance and excellence both at their physical location and on their website. They needed help with both naming the gallery and designing its image.


The first challenge was developing an appropriate name. Per my client's instruction, I presented a number of possibilities which alluded to Biblical themes without being overtly Christian.

After settling on “Inner Sanctum Artworks” and getting government approval for making it a business name, it was time to do the logo. I briefly pursued doing a calligraphic solution but then decided to explore the possibility of using imagery from illuminated medieval manuscripts. I was impressed with the wealth of inspiration found there, and created this logo wordmark in the style of eighth century artwork.


The client was ecstatic to see the results.


Inner Sanctum Artworks


The small “IS” symbol is taken directly from an eighth century manuscript; it is not my original artwork.