This book is Paul Derry’s account of his life as an RCMP agent among the Hells Angels, and how he came to be wrongly labeled as “Treacherous” in the RCMP agent rating system. This label eventually helped to allow a murder that Derry tried desperately to prevent.

The publisher needed a design and title that would appropriately reflect the danger and desperation of the story and ultimately to sell the book.

The book was a bit short on content and would need to be designed to give the appearance of a substantial final product.

A electronic version of the book would also be needed.


I read the book manuscript to get a clear understanding of what needed to be communicated on the cover and in the title. I researched other books in the true crime genre to get a feel for what the norm was and what would be required for the book to grab attention.


The publisher was very pleased with the book, and it was the Winner of Saskatchewan's 2009 Premier's Award of Excellence in Graphic Design.


Coastal West Publishing


Stock photography from various sources.